Insecure Review: Molly’s Lowkey-Trippin’


On this 7th episode of the 4th season of the HBO show of Insecure, created by the writer and producer Issa Rae.

We open with a continuation from last week’s episode of Issa heading to the Ethiopian restaurant. The camera cuts to Molly watching as she heads in. She tries to play cool as if not to be bothered by Issa’s presence. Knowing that the two ladies need to make up. After, she’s giving her complicated order to the cashier, she looks down on her phone as if she’s reading a text. Molly looks up again, and sees Issa walking away to get back into her car. Molly looks disappointed that she didn’t come and talk to her.

Next, we see Molly talking to her boyfriend Andrew (Asianbae)as she is packing for their trip to Mexico. She tells Andrew that she saw Issa at the restaurant and she ran away from her like she was running away from a job! Now Molly knows she was wrong. Dead wrong!  She receives a text on her phone stating that she has a last-minute meeting she has to attend before they can enjoy themselves on their bae-vacation!

Later, we see Molly at work, as her assistant comes in giving her some paperwork. Molly asks her why she had to find out about the meeting at the last minute. We do see her reprimand her assistant. Which by Molly being an attorney I could see why she did that. She could have rescheduled or anything. Just making her look bad and stuff! Get it together girl, if you want to keep your job!

Molly, later is rushing through the airport terminal heading to Andrew. Almost missing her flight, she finally meets up with him and they board the plane. As the two are getting adjusted on the plane. A passenger on the flight questions them, “Are y’all going to Mexico?” Molly answers kind of sarcastically, “We’re all going to Mexico.” The passenger, played by the veteran actress, “Kim Fields,” answers, “I got on the wrong flight once, I got in the wrong marriage once too.” She cries, then heads to the bathroom. Andrew and Molly look at each other. They begin to talk about the plans that will happen once they get to Mexico. Molly says to Andrew that she can’t wait to they get alone. Andrew begins to fondle Molly underneath the blanket, if you know what I mean!

Once they arrive in beautiful Mexico, Molly and Andrew meets up with Andrew’s brother Victor and his sister-in-law Lydia. They all seem to get along. Lydia jokes about how beautiful Molly is. Victor says, once they get settled to come back to the lobby so they get started with the activities he had planned. But Andrew tells him basically that he’d rather spend a little time with Molly.

The couple head to their hotel room. Molly talks about how she brought something special for the trip. But all she pulls out is a matching black bra and panties set. Andrew looks perplexed as he begins to pull out a few sex toys which makes Molly look like dang, I didn’t bring enough stuff. A few minutes later, we see them having sex on the patio! Yes, yes y’all!

A little later, while Molly and Andrew are talking, Andrew gets a few missed calls, from his friend and roommate, Nathan. He video chats  him because he’s struggling to get the garage door open. Molly hears Issa’ s voice in the background and it makes her feel some type of way.  Andrew begins to wonder why Molly is so upset by hearing Issa’s voice. Molly explains that she doesn’t even know why she’s still talking to Nathan. Andrew tells her that he has mental health issues that he struggles with which made Molly change her perspective on that issue.

The next day, Andrew and Molly meet up with Victor and Lydia to go on a hike. Also, the passenger they met on the plane came running down the hill seemed to be in happier spirits. So, Victor has them walking up this high as hill. Once they reach the top it looks beautiful and Molly says it was worth it. But how we getting down? The next thing we see Molly is zip-lining her way down! She is all excited!

So, everything on the trip seems to be going well and that’s a good thing for Molly as she usually has to do something to mess it up. Even once they get back to their room, we see Andrew lying on the bed reading. While Molly comes out of the bathroom looking like a whole snack! She walks over to Andrew on the bed and takes charge. Yes! She tells him to eat her you-know-what! She sits on him in the reverse cowgirl style….

The next day, Andrew, Molly and Lydia are in the pool talking, a kid splashes in the water and it gets inside Lydia’s eye and it burns! Molly says, “Oh, girl, I know that burns, let me go get you a towel.” So, Molly walks over to the towel stand and ask the lady for a towel but the lady says she needs her key card to get a towel. Molly says she doesn’t have one but she’s here at the resort. The lady again refuses to get her a towel. Molly begins to make a fuss that the lady was giving the white people a towel without a key card. The lady says she is just trying to do her job and that Molly just needs to get a key card. Victor, steps in and hands the lady a key card and the worker hands Victor a towel but Molly snatches it out of her hand. Making their way back to the pool she hands it to Lydia. Andrew asks her why she’s so upset. Molly explains that the lady was obviously racist and that’s why she wouldn’t give her a towel.

Victor tells Molly that she doesn’t need to take things so seriously. Molly, says it’s not that serious to him because he only pretends to be a person-of-color when it benefits him. This starts a small debate, which gets out of hand. To the point where she says, Asians don’t go through the same thing black people do. Molly tells, Victor, “Fuck,you and hey get your brother,” as she leaves the pool. Andrew is frustrated heading over to Molly to calm her down. Victor looks perplexed as he doesn’t know what happened. Later, once they get back to the hotel room. You can tell the mood is completely ruined. Molly and Andrew are so far apart in the bed. Molly just looks sad. The next day she wakes up and he isn’t lying next to her in the bed. But we see that he has gone to get drinks for them and to smooth things over with his brother.

We do see Molly sitting on the beach late in the evening. She takes out her cell phone and call her therapist. I thought this was nice. She makes an appointment with her saying she is having a hard time letting things go. Molly has a lot of displaced aggression and needs help. She is an accomplished lawyer.  We need to see her be happy. Just once. Just one episode!

Andrew, what a sweetheart, doesn’t take sides but tells Molly that sometimes her brother can be an asshole. So pretty much, each of the couples are doing their own thing for the rest of the trip. On the way back to Los Angeles, we see getting their luggage. Kim Fields character is seen kissing some man. We are left to figure out if this was her estranged husband or a new bae! Hmm! Surprisingly, we see Lawrence, (played by Jay Ellis, who also directed this episode.) in the airport. He hugs Molly and she introduces him to her boyfriend Andrew. Molly tries to give a Full House joke, “You got it dude!” from the youngest daughter on the show. It goes over their heads and she looks kind of embarrassed. It’s okay!

As they leave, we see Lawrence, on the phone telling someone he’s thinking about someone. The next episode’s we see Lawrence and Issa meet up for drinks. He has to talk to her about something. Hmm, are they getting back together. Does he drop a bombshell?

Overall, my take on the episode. Molly needs to stop letting things bother her so much. She doesn’t need to be seen as the angry black woman. No, she doesn’t need to be docile or weak but pick your battles wisely is all I’m saying. Plus, she needs to reach out to Issa and make  up. Those two have been friends for far too long.

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