Insecure Review: We’re Low-Key Happy


Insecure Review: Low-Key Happy

This week’s episode of Insecure felt like a much-needed date with a past lover you wish would have worked out differently. You both did things to cause the breakup but there are still feelings there.

We start this episode off with Lawrence sitting at a bar in a crowded club. He was waiting on Issa’s arrival. Once they finally spot each other from across the room; Issa tries to make her way over to him. She completely trips and falls on her face! The girl had on what look like four-inch heel boots. Um, girl get it together. The crowd is looking at her, “Oh, no, she hit that floor hard!” says one of the women in the club. As she gets back on her feet, she makes her way over to Lawrence albeit embarrassed. Although she says she isn’t.

Lawrence and Issa begin to catch up. He asks her about the outcome of the block party. Issa asks him about what’s he been up to. He tells her that he just got back from a trip to San Francisco for job opportunities. Just trying to move on to bigger and bigger things. He also tells Issa that he ran into Molly at the airport and how awkward it was. Issa says yeah especially since they are not friends anymore. But I tell you, once that Lizzo, “Truth Hurts,” dropped in the club, everyone started getting loud and rowdy. A guy even steps in between both Issa and Lawrence while they were trying to have a conversation. They finally leave the club and Lawrence calls for a Lyft to take them to a Latin restaurant to talk some more.

Once inside the Lyft a black woman assumes, they are on their first date. Issa is annoyed that the driver is talking way too much. Lawrence tells the woman they are not on their first date. So, the driver says, they should go ahead and get married. Lawrence actually admits that he bought a ring for Issa while they were together. Issa trying to get the driver to just shut up and drive like Rhianna! Yes! This driver was so freaking nosy even to the point that at a red light she grabs her phone and tries to record Lawrence as if he were proposing to Issa! Like girl, what is you doing! Just drive!

Later, they make it to the restaurant. Issa orders food and drinks for the both of them. The waitress was a real mind reader on this one! Knowing when to come drop off the food and leave when things get weird. Yes, they do get a slight awkward. Lawrence breaks down and asks Issa, “Why Daniel? Why him or could it have been anybody?” Oh, Lord! Issa says, she messed around with him because he was giving her the attention that Lawrence wasn’t when he was going through his funk phase. She used to drive around the block just to avoid him. She said he basically wasn’t working, wasn’t sexing, wasn’t doing a thing! Damn, Issa it’s like that! But it was healthy to put it all out on the table. To clear the air.

But what wasn’t cool, was Condola texting and blowing up Lawrence’s phone asking him to come over all night. I mean he didn’t try to hide it from Issa. He told her they were just talking. What was so important Condola?! After the restaurant, Issa and Lawrence begin walking down the street about to head home but as they are walking, we hear the sounds of “TSA Bae,” with some chick named Mazda. Yes, Mazda like the car. He walks up to Issa asking what they ate at the restaurant. They make small talk and later make their way to Art Walk.

Ah, Lawrence and Issa look so happy and cute together! Just looking at and discussing different art pieces. But the best part is when Issa gets to Lawrence’s apartment. Condola is yet calling Lawrence again, he tells her that he’ll be over there tonight. But you know Issa ain’t going to let that happen. Hell naw! Issa looks at Lawrence and says, “What if I don’t want to leave and I want to stay? You make me happy.” He replies that she makes him happy too. The next thing, they’re in the bed gettin’ it popping!

The next day, Issa wakes up with a smile on her face. Lawrence offers to take her home, but she says naw I’ll walk. So, she walks home with a big ass smile on her face. Does this mean they are getting back together? Is Lawrence going to take a job in Frisco? What the hell did Condola want? A lot of the viewers predict that she may be pregnant. Hmm., Either way, Natasha Rothwell aka Kelli did an awesome job writing this one tonight!

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